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Buyer Beware?

Posted on 17 April 2016

Starting an online retail business has forced me to put things in perspective. I recently purchased a jewelry/necklace display to take pictures of all of our products. I found a reputable website with all sorts of products that looked interesting and helpful. After looking around and comparing prices and styles, I decided to buy a Black Velvet Jewelry Display Stand.

It took a few weeks to arrive, which was a bit disappointing. But I did finally receive it in the mailbox today (yes, it fit in the mailbox). To my surprise, the display stand is no bigger than my hand. What on earth would people use a jewelry display stand that is no bigger than 6 inches tall? Perhaps children use them to display their Barbie jewelry?

It looks different when I have something to compare it with, doesn't it?


I went back to the website that I purchased the item from and searched for the detailed specifications (key word is searched). Here they are:

Necklace chain jewelry display stand. Suitable for displaying necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. Perfect for both display and ornaments. Material: Velvet. Height: 15cm. Width: 10cm. Color: Black. Net weight: 76g.

This taught me a few lessons about how to deliver and present the Tesoros of Ecuador products. All of our product pictures and descriptions are real and as accurate as possible. Descriptions are in simple language and clearly visible on each page. And the bottom line is that we're not trying to trick anyone into buying our products.

Buyer beware!

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