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Our Products: Tagua Jewelry

The primary material used for most of our jewelry is made from a natural material called tagua. Tagua jewelry is made from the tagua nut, which comes from a fruit that grows on the ivory-nut palm tree (also called Ivory Palms or Tagua Palms). Ivory-nut palm trees only grow in a few countries in the world, including Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The tagua nut actually resembles an elephant tusk, which is why it is commonly referred to as "vegetable ivory" or "palm ivory".

In its natural state, directly from the tree, the tagua nut has a shell that contains a seed. These nuts are dried for several months, at which point they can be carved, coloured and polished to produce beautiful jewelry and other items. The pictures below demonstrate what the process looks like from start to finish.

Ivory-Nut Palm Tree Unprocessed Tagua Nut Carved Tagua Tagua Pieces Tagua Ornament Coloured and Polished

Once carved, coloured and polished, tagua can be used to produce beautiful jewelry pieces, which are found in various parts of Ecuador.

Tagua jewelry Tagua jewelry Tagua jewelry Tagua jewelry Tagua jewelry Tagua jewelry

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